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Kels is a rat.

Purple Onyon = 69.420 Jewel
Burnem = 42.069 Jewel
Brainsto = 28 Jewel
Carlo Infinity = 28 Jewel
Frozenmind || Team Goose = 6.969 Jewel
Threewolves || Team Goose = 0.696969 Jewel
kirikua || Team Goose =  0.6969 Jewel
Driftwood || Team Goose = 0.69 Jewel
Stronghold = 0.5 Jewel

Attention : We are growing!, Some tools now require you have 100 HONK in your wallet. It will only check for the balance of HONK and allow you to access the page based on that. No other permissions are required. Eventually we will move to have most of the site reserved for HONK holders. Check out the HONK page for more info.

Sentient Pumpkin